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    Jun 10, 2020
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    Personal Information
    Current In-Game Username?
    What is your first name? Caspar
    How old are you? 15
    What is your Timezone, and what Country are you from? I'm from Australia, UTC +10:00
    What is your email address?

    Server Information
    How many hours can you contribute to MineCity per day?

    I can usually spend around 4-5 hours on MineCity every day depending on my schedule. I can contribute up to 7 hours on the weekend per day, as I have a lot more spare time then.
    When did you first join MineCity? I joined this server around a week ago, and I've been spending every spare minute on the server . I found out about it from a good friend of mine and have been addicted ever since.
    Have you ever been punished or banned on MineCity?
    No, I have never been punished on MineCity.
    Which game-mode do you play the most?
    I play OPPrison because it's the only server up and running at this point in time, however I plan to spread my activity around the different gamemodes when they are released on the server.

    Additional Information

    Do you frequently use our Discord and have a working microphone? I often use the MineCity discord, and I have a working microphone
    How many staff applications have you made on MineCity prior? No - this is my first application on the server
    Tell us about any previous staffing roles - this includes Helper, Moderator, Administrator roles etc
    I have not had any previous staff roles, but I look to learn from the current staff members and gain the experience and skill required to become a great staff member myself if possible.
    Why are you the best candidate for Helper?
    I believe I am the best candidate for the Helper role on MineCity because I have a great knowledge of the server rules as I am fairly established on the server, and I am great at working with others. I am also a very quick learner, and I can work well under pressure. While I may not have any prior staff experience, I always look to help people out around the server, and try to make the community a better, more enjoyable place.
    Is there anything you would change or add onto MineCity?
    I believe that I wouldn't be able to make many major changes to the MineCity network without the help of the current staff team and the players in the community, however there are plenty of things that I hope to improve on the server, as well as come up with new ideas to develop the network even more. I'm sure, with the introduction of new gamemodes such as Survival, I would be able to make many suggestions to develop the environment and gameplay as I have done with the OPPrison network.
    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know
    The weekdays can sometimes be very busy for me, however I plan to free up as much time as I possibly can to spend on the server as I've been doing for the past week or so.
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    You'll be contacted by me soon :)
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