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    Personal Information
    Current In-Game Username?
    What is your first name? Chuck
    How old are you? 20
    What is your Timezone, and what Country are you from? CST, United States of America
    What is your email address?

    Server Information
    How many hours can you contribute to MineCity per day?

    As of right now I can contribute about 2 - 3 hours per day. Some days I won't be on due to In real life events that might come up. So I will make it up the hours the next day that I am on.

    When did you first join MineCity?
    I first joined the forums back in November of 2017, as for joining the server i believe I joined sometime last week.

    Have you ever been punished or banned on MineCity?

    I have never been punished on MineCity before.

    Which game-mode do you play the most?

    Prison which is currently the only game-mode released as of right now.

    Additional Information

    Do you frequently use our Discord and have a working microphone? Yes
    How many staff applications have you made on MineCity prior? 0, this will be my first one.
    Tell us about any previous staffing roles - this includes Helper, Moderator, Administrator roles etc

    I have a lot of experiences as Helper, Moderator, very little Administrator experience. I was only Admin on one server but the server really didn't get that many players and unfortunately shut down.

    My role as the Admin of that server was to be in charge of staff, which at the time we didn't have much staff on the server, it was the Devs, Manager, and Owners. We only had a couple of players that came on the server to play, but this was back in 2012 or 2013. I can't remember the server name, It had shut down a long time ago due to money issues.

    As for Helper/Moderator, I am well experience in the role of being both, I have been Helper and Mod on plenty of servers, some that never released, some that had a small player base and some that had 200+ player base. My role as a Helper/Moderator on most of these servers was to monitor the server, assist players that where in need of help, punish those players who broke the rules, and to make sure that every player enjoyed their time on the server by being positive and professional. As a Helper/Moderator I also checked the forums to see if any players need any assistance or to simply greet those who have introduced themselves to the community. Plus I would check the reports section of the forums to see if any other staff member has responded to anyones report, if not I would take care of the report myself and handle the player that was being reported at the time. Some of the servers that I was previously Helper and Moderator on are either shut down or are still running today. The names of these servers are The HiveMc, LemonCloud, Rapz Prison, Minetopia, DarkFactions, FrostedMc.

    Why are you the best candidate for Helper?

    Well I believe as person I am enjoyable to have around, I never tend to start drama with staff members or players. I have never talked down on another staff member or player to make them either feel bad or lose respect for me. I am always a positive person that likes to stay away from any kind of trouble or drama.

    I am a fun person to have around, I always like to joke around and have fun and get to know everyone. I like interacting with people and enjoying everyones company . I am a very positive person, I keep a positive mindset at all times when I am doing my job or simply helping anyone. I am a chill cool dude who likes to keep everything around him positive because negativity can affect everything in a big way, so I tend to stay away from negativity.

    I like to keep things professional when it comes to doing my job, I like to have fun too, but there comes a time when you have to do your job and put on your professional face. Being professional shows that you take whatever you do serious which reflects you in a good way, but even during professional times I still like to have fun and enjoy doing my job so I tend to goof around a little bit, but I make sure I keep it professional at the same time.

    Is there anything you would change or add onto MineCity?

    As for change I wouldn't change a thing about MineCity as of right now, but in the future I may have some suggestions that the staff team should consider or add onto that would make playing on MineCity more enjoyable to the players as well as the team.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know
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    We'd love to have you on the team, you've been contacted :)
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