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    The ban appeal section is dedicated to them members who feel that they are ready to come back to the server after being punished or are wanting that second chance. Here at MineCity, we are more than happy to offer that second chance only if you show remorse for your actions.

    There are certain punishments which we're not as willing to provide that second chance for. However, if you fully show that you are sorry and are wanting to be part of the community once again this may be considered.

    If you have been banned - please do not ban evade. This really will not help your appeal, it'll most likely be denied due to the ban evasion which occurred since you are neglecting our rules once again.

    We understand that on occasion our staff members may make mistakes. If you feel that you have been falsely banned, you should create an appeal. In the event you feel that said staff member(s) was acting in an unprofessional manner, create a staff feedback report here.

    To appeal your ban, simply copy and paste the below template into your own thread here.

    » What is your IGN?:
    » Name the Staff Member which punished you:
    » What were you banned for?:
    » Are you Guilty?
    » How long have you been banned?
    » What server were you banned on?
    » Do you agree that if you are unbanned and decide to break the same rule again the punishment may be higher?:
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