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    We are currently actively recruiting staff members to join MineCity.
    This thread will run through basic requirements and the application process.

    | Requirements -

    In order to qualify for a role of Helper at MineCity, requirements have been picked out to make sure the best applicants are chosen:

    ~ You must be the age of 14 or over
    ~ You must have 15 or more forum posts
    ~ You should have more than 1 week in game experience
    ~ You should have a clean punishment record
    ~ You must be respectful and professional
    ~ We ask that our staff do not maintain a staff role on any other Minecraft network

    | How do I apply for Helper? -

    Once you’ve met the requirements and feel you’d be able to join the MineCity staff team you can click here and proceed to fill out the application form in as much detail as you can (the more the better). After this has been done, wait for a response.

    | Staff System -

    Helper applications will be Accepted or Denied by @Chrisbeg. The opinion of the entire Staff Team will be taken into consideration.

    Denied applications will be given our reason for denial - we highly recommend you listen to this advice and apply it to a future application if you choose to apply again. Accepted candidates will be privately messaged through the forums with further information.

    If you have been recently demoted from the staff team, please only re-apply once you have shown that you can become staff again and improved on the reason of your demotion. Also, please only re-apply after a 1 month period, this has been chosen so we can truly see that you have changed or improved from your first chance at staff and so you have the chance to do so.

    If you chose to re-apply before the 2 week period of your denial or the 1 month period of your demotion, your application will automatically be denied - so please refrain from re-applying before the period.

    Good luck!
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Thread Status:
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