| 4th July Sale

Happy 4th July to the Americans of our community, or to anyone wanting to celebrate!

Due to the celebrations, we've decided to start our first sale since the launch sale. This sale is for 25% OFF anything on the store. If you were saving up to purchase ranks, keys or tags nows your chance.

This sale ends in 1 weeks time.

MineCity Store: store.mine.city

Kind Regards,
MineCity Management​

MineCity | Top Voters Of The Month Information

We're pleased to announce due to the high demand, we will be starting Top Voters Of The Month this month! If you're already voting each day of the month, great, you're already on track to winning Top Voter of the month. If you aren't voting every day of the month, we hope this will encourage you to due to the amazing rewards that could be yours.

Top Voters Of The Month will be announced each month, usually dropping on the 1st. We will be going by our database when announcing the true top voters of each month.

For those who may not be aware of what top voters of the month is: Top Voters rewards is a mean to give back to you (the player base), for supporting and voting for our server, it truly does mean the world and helps us more than you guys can imagine. As you're already aware, voting each month will give you in game crate keys that helps you progress, so why not get involved and compete for Top Voters?

Top Voters Of The Month rewards are as follows:

1st Place | $30 Giftcard to be used at store.mine.city

2nd Place | $20 Giftcard to be used at store.mine.city
3rd Place | $10 Giftcard to be used at store.mine.city
4th Place | $5 Giftcard to be used at store.mine.city
5th Place | $5 Giftcard to be used at store.mine.city
MineCity | Status Update

Hello All,​

As I'm writing this we're just over a week on since we launched the MineCity Network.
It's been an incredible week, we've already welcomed over 100 players to the Prison server!
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all those that have been helping, and to share a small status update.

As of the moment, we've not advertised the server via any other means than our personal Twitter accounts.
We still remain in our 'Beta' phase where we continue to listen to your feedback about what is / is not working on the server. I currently have 17 items listed on our 'ideas board' that we aim to implement in the coming days.
Our intention would be to end the 'Beta' phase by next weekend (No progress will be lost).

What's next?
After the aforementioned Beta phase is lifted, we're going all out to expand the gamemodes we offer on the network. The likely next release will be a Survival server (for which we have lots of exciting, unique, content ideas ready to implement).

Once we have the Survival server our, our focus shifts slightly to focusing on advertising the network.
We'll begin to pour our effort & resources into attracting more players to join you online.

Store / Thank You
Firstly, I want to say a huge thanks to the 11 of you who have already supported the network by purchasing ranks on our store. As a result, we've been able to break-even already with the bare minimum costs we need to support the network for another month.

Each and every purchase genuinely helps us to invest in the success of network. From costly builds to cool plugins, it can certainly cost a lot more than some may realise to run a Minecraft network.

Our 50% Launch Sale will remain active for an additional week until the Beta phase ends.
Therefore, if you've been holding off - it's recommended to check out the store before it ends.​
→ Store ←

IP: mine.city
Versions: 1.8 - 1.15

MineCity | Launching on the 23rd May

We're pleased to announce that we will be launching the MineCity network on the 23rd May.
Initially, the network will be comprised of OP-Prison and KitPvP.
The addition of a Survival server is next on our roadmap.

We aim to deliver an enjoyable community experience, and will be led by player feedback.

Further information to follow later in the week!

IP: mine.city
Versions: 1.8 - 1.15